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Warriors News · September Blue Collar

Congratulations to McKendra Torrey and Kordell Crawford for being named our Blue Collar Athletes for September.  Please read below.  Thanks to all who nominated students for this award.  We will keep those who didn’t win this month in the pool for future consideration.


McKendra Torrey – Swimming


  • “Meeks, as we know her on our team, started swimming before high school and as a Freshman qualified at State and has been an anchor for this team for the past 4 years.
  • She’s been our Team Captain both in 2016 and now in 2017 for good reason. We allow our team to vote on Captains (1 girl and 1 boy) then final vote is coaches. Both years there was no question which girl the team and coach voted for.
  • She is hard-working, positive, competitive and to quote her own words, “I got ya” defines Meeks.
  • She has said this to me both as a new coach last year during a few confusing practices and meets, and this year during some transitions.
  • She is the first to step up and help and guide her teammates and is a remarkable example to the underclassman and her peers.
  • McKendra is always working on improving and takes being a student, an athlete, and our team very seriously. She is heavily involved in Sports Med & is a leader in that area for our school as well.
  • One of her swim goals is to break the 50 Freestyle Girls record back in ’07 of 26.52 & right now she’s swimming a 26.96!
  • Swimming is her sport and she lives and breathes it. This is a short season and winning this award this month during our season would mean the world to her and her team, since we are a newly sanctioned sport.
  • I’m honored to nominate McKendra Torrey. She has and continues to represent what all Warriors should be. She is one of the reasons I’m coaching this team and will continue to do my best to learn and lead them forward.”
  • MHS Head Swim Coach, Suzy Johnson



Kordell Crawford – Football 


“You can’t get Kordell out of a football game. The kid loves to play. He has been injured for the better part of the season, and he still wants to get in the game and ball. He gets angry if you take him out. I wish we had 30 more like Kordell because he is Blue Collar in his attitude toward playing his sport. Nothing will stop him from being a football player and doing what it takes to be successful.”


  • MHS JV Head Coach, Brandon Young


I don’t coach him, but from my observations from afar, it seems like he works his butt off. I do have him in digital photography class. I have to admit that I stereotyped him as being an cocky athlete who doesn’t give rats about class, let alone a photo class. I can count on Kordell to raise his hand to participate in open ended questions, which adds to the class discussion. The man pays attention. I can count on him to ask questions when he needs clarification. The man cares about his learning. In the end, Kordell owns his education, has it in his grips. When I see this in the classroom and on the field, I can’t help to think he fits the bill to at least be nominated.”


  • MHS Frosh Head Coach, Josh Kern